We came here to find a place for music but we found much more: beauty of nature, peace and a lot of honest smile around us.

Discovering this unique corner of nature gives you the ultimate feeling that every day is like a vacation. There are no worries here, you can watch the sunsets in Lake Lūšiai for hours while breathing in the fresh air into your lungs and forgetting all your daily routine worries.

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We want to share this feeling with you. And to invite you to come here to hear, to see, to feel- the scent of the pine forest that floods in to the room while you open the window in the morning with the sounds of birds delighting your ears and the view of the lake which invites you to dive in deeper.

We hope to convey this authentic beauty and the feeling of nature in our new home - "Palūšė Dune". We believe that it will always be cozy and warm here, even when there is a blizzard outside the window.


Amenities in Paluse Dune


9:00 - 20:00


100 €

Hot Tub with Jacuzzi

80 €

Palūšė Harbour Bar



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